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Small Company, BIG Opportunities: 5 Reasons Why a Small company Might be for You

Anyone who has worked for a large company has likely heard someone utter something to the effect of: “I liked it so much better when the company was smaller.”  The truth is, working at a small company has its advantages, many of them.  No matter if you are just launching a career or if you’re a long-time industry veteran, these companies might be just what you need to launch or jumpstart your career.

Here are 5 reasons why a small company might be for you.

  1. First and foremost, you’re family

Many smaller companies go out of their way to make employees feel appreciated. This can range from picnics, outings, birthday/anniversary celebrations, to bonuses and profit sharing.  While large companies might offer many of these perks, there’s no denying that most employees who work or have worked for smaller businesses feel a genuine sense of comradery and appreciation that can’t be faked.

  1. Measurable Contribution

There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that you’re contributing to the bigger picture in a meaningful way. In large corporations the impact of an individual is basically incremental and doesn’t move the needle much. Conversely, when you’re on a team of limited size, your contributions have a direct and measurable effect on the company’s success.  In short, you really matter.

  1. Ground floor opportunities

Employees at small businesses generally wear many hats. This means that there is ample opportunity to identify a career path of your choosing. Got an idea to improve sales, support, or service? Great! In a small company you’ll have less red tape to work through and suggestions are generally encouraged.

Another perk is, you’ll get plenty of exposure to all sides of the business, from technical and customer service duties to sales, and business support. Many go on to enter management roles as the company grows. In other words, you have a chance to define your job and own it.

  1. Personal relationship with co-workers

Teamwork is encouraged in any company. In a small company it’s nonnegotiable.  Here you’ll learn how to support and rely on co-workers in a true team effort.  This not only sharpens your communication and interaction skills, but you’ll quickly learn how to work through challenges and contribute. Because in a small company there’s no time for office politics.

  1. You will be the face of the company

Let’s face it, all companies claim to be customer focused.  But are they really?  It’s true that from the president and salesman to the field technician and receptionist, anyone who encounters the customer (or potential customer) becomes the face of the business. And, while this is true for any business, it is especially important for a small company that prides itself on listening and taking action to make sure that expectations aren’t just met – but are exceeded.

It’s all about relationships, people want to do business with people they know and trust. And small businesses owners often empower (in fact expect) employees to do whatever it takes to win and maintain the customer’s trust.

The downside

Let’s face it, working for a small company isn’t for everyone.  You’re not going to be able to skate by, clock out every day at 5:00, or blend into the woodwork.  Everyone must contribute and take ownership of their specific duties.  And some people simply aren’t cut out for the responsibilities that come with life in a small business.

See what PNDE has to offer

If you think that working for a small company might be for you, consider a career with Professional NDE.  We’re looking for people who are passionate, who understand service and accountability, and who want to be a part of something truly unique.  Contact us here and let’s talk.

Need more?

Need more convincing? These are just a few advantages of small company life. Monster.com offers 17 reasons why you should consider working for a small business.  Check it out here.