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Our First 5 Years

Each year more than 72,000 businesses are launched throughout the United States.  Yet despite solid financial backing, sound business plans, and well-crafted mission statements, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about 45% of these companies will fail within five years. While success isn’t guaranteed, when a culture of commitment and responsiveness is woven into its fabric and embraced by its people, a company can do more than just survive – it can thrive.

Created on the core principles of Professionalism, Customer Partnerships, and a Unified Team, Professional NDE Services (PNDE) opened its doors in early 2018 to serve industry’s Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) needs. The company hit the ground running as customers were anxious to reconnect with people who not only knew the industry but who understood that service and accountability had become a lost art.

The COVID Years

After just two short years these principles would be put to the ultimate test by an event that would spell the end for many companies. Fortune Magazine reports that during the 2020 global pandemic nearly 100,000 US businesses closed permanently. While most survivors weathered the storm by sacrificing service and downsizing staff, PNDE not only survived without layoffs, but went on to earn 60% financial growth in 2021 and again 2022. Today the company is on pace for another record year.

In March of this year, PNDE celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Within that period the company has seen steady financial growth and has expanded its staff exponentially.

Much is expected of PNDE employees. From senior management to the technicians in the field, each is asked to take ownership and be accountable to do whatever is necessary. For this they are rewarded with job security, competitive salaries, discretionary recognition, and tenure-based profit sharing.

What’s Ahead

In just three years, a modest 900 sq. ft. leased office was vacated in favor of a 10,000 sq.ft. company-owned facility.   And PNDE has recently announced plans to double this Fairfield, Ohio space to over 20,000 sq.ft.

While nobody can predict the future, it’s safe to say that PNDE will continue to rely on its proven formula for success.  According to its founding principals, PNDE will, in the coming years will continue to grow its staff, add service lines, invest in its people, and solidify its partnerships with clients.