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About Us

Professional and Responsive

Our mission is simple. At Professional NDE Services Group (PNDE) we strive to be the leading provider of NDE services throughout the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky tri-state region.

PNDE was formed to answer industry’s call for something that once existed – professional and responsive NDE services. The initial step of our founding Principals was to create a strong corporate identity to stand behind. The PNDE brand is rooted in our core values and focus on professionalism throughout the company.  The unity symbol in our logo stresses customer partnerships and teamwork among our staff.

While our name may be new, PNDE professionals bring decades of collective hands-on experience to each project.  Inspired through a culture of empowerment, PNDE team members have a well-earned reputation for going the extra mile to meet the needs of our customers while advancing our company and the industries we serve.

Managing Partners


Manager, Business Development

Mark began in the NDE industry in 1989. He has worked in a variety of ascending positions for companies providing NDE services.  He possesses a ASNT Level 3 certification in PT, MT, RT and a Digital RT Level 3 for a major Aerospace corporation.  Also, he possesses comprehensive UT, ET, Mechanical, Metrology and Metallurgical experience.

Mark founded Professional NDE and Consulting, LLC in 2014, to provide Level 3 service to companies in the tri-state region. Using  highly professional and attentive customer service to differentiate PNDE from the balance of the market, the company has grown to more than two-and-one-half times its initial size in both personnel and revenue. As a parallel effort, he now is offering NDE field inspection services through Professional NDE Services Group, LLC, to all industries, including but not limited to, petrochemical, chemical, and energy.  Again, the emphasis is on responsive, reliable and professional customer service.


Manager, Operations, Sales & Safety

Glen began his career in 1976, and has built a resumé that establishes him as one of the most knowledgeable NDE professionals in the industry today. He is qualified to Level 2 certification in MT, PT and RT.  In addition, he has extensive training in EPRI visual inspection, high-energy radiography and ultrasonic shear wave testing.

In his career Glen has held positions in field inspections, NDE management, sales, quality control and radiation safety. He has worked in venues throughout the United States for major NDE companies. His experience includes aerospace, shipbuilding, paper-mill systems, fabrications, industrial applications which involved valve rebuilds, machining accuracy and metal stress relieving.

Tiffani Ivins

Manager, Operations & Quality

Tiffani’s NDI experience dates to 1994 where, as a member of the US Air Force, she employed penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, radiography, and ultrasonic testing for aircraft inspection and maintenance.  Tiffani has held L2, L3, and Auditor certifications. 

She began her civilian career in the sales, demonstration, and training of non-destructive test equipment. Eventually moving into a quality manager role where she was responsible for ensuring that policies, procedures, and training met the companies’ objectives. Her leadership abilities will help PNDE continue to be the leader in the area for responsive, reliable, and professional customer service.