PNDE Completes Nadcap Audit

Nadcap, formerly known as the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, is a critical certification for companies serving the aerospace and defense industries. This industry-managed program evaluates and accredits specialized processes used in the manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of aerospace and defense components along with systems such as laser cutting, drilling, and welding operations. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is also covered by this program.

Nadcap accreditation represents adherence to the industry’s high standards, upholds integrity across the supply chain, and ensures product quality, safety, and reliability. In 2021, PNDE successfully acquired Nadcap certification and earlier this year, the company underwent its 3rd audit.

PNDE Operations Manager, Tiffani Ivins explained that during this comprehensive seven-day audit, only a single minor procedural non-conformance was discovered. And the issue was quickly rectified and accepted onsite. As a result, PNDE was awarded an 18-month Nadcap accreditation.

“I’ve been through many audits throughout my career; but this was an extremely rigorous review and by far the best performance I can remember in any company where I’ve worked,” Ivins said. “We’re exceptionally proud of our staff and the steps we have in place to ensure the quality of our work and processes. Our record of Nadcap accreditation further demonstrates our commitment to excellence to the industry and our aerospace and defense customers.”